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maeBe Corporation(referred to as maeBe) aims to be a trustworthy and reliable company by appropriately managing information related to our company and by seeking to satisfy all people involved in our business.

Guidelines for Action

  1. We take appropriate organisational and technical measures to protect our information assets’ confidentiality, integrity, and availability and respond to changing information technology and new threats.
  2. We provide all employees with information security training and ensure they are thoroughly aware of our policies to raise and maintain their awareness.
  3. We establish, regularly review, improve, and maintain a management system and objectives related to information security.
  4. We delegate the responsibility and authority to the management representative to implement, maintain and improve the management system.

August 8,2016 maeBe Co., Ltd.
Representative director   Masaaki Maebashi

Information security initiatives (about ISMS) 


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