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Privacy policy


Maebe Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) shall strictly abide by any and all applicable laws, regulations and other policies pertaining to protection of personal information.

1. When you provide personal information

  • When purchasing our products and services
  • When inquiry
  • When using other services of our company

2. The purpose of use of personal information

  • To confirm the contents of your inquiry and/or order
  • To guide you through our services

3. Management of personal information

We will do our best to prevent loss, unauthorized access, leakage, and other mishandling of the personal information.

4. Provision to Third Party

The Company shall not, in principle, disclose and/or provide personal information to any third parties without customers’ agreement.
However, we may disclose and/or provide your information to a third party regarding the following usage items.

  • The customer’s agreement has been obtained after specifying the provider and the content of the information
  • When using a payment service (credit card, etc.)
  • Required by law, there is no reasonable reason to refuse the requirements and/or it is difficult to obtain the consent from the customer.

5. Disclosure / correction of personal information

  • We will manage your personal information as accurately and as up-to-date as possible.
  • If a customer requests disclosure, we will only disclose the information after successful identity verification
  • If there is a request that the content information is not accurate, we will check the content and add, change, correct or delete the registration information as necessary.

6. Inquiry

For inquiries regarding your personal information and the contents of our privacy policy
Please contact us at (055-941-5821).


+81 55-941-5821
Reception hours: 9:00~18:00(Japan Time)