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We have been insisting on “Make the world better by building useful tool” since we started our business.

By creating system and application, we could not only grow our business but it could also help our customers grow their business and thus helpful to our society.

“Helpful to others” itself is becoming difficult, In order to achieve sustainable growth. We are constantly working on management reforms and innovation.

Representative Director Masaaki Maebashi
Name maeBe Co., Ltd.
【Main office】
411-0901  823-1 Shinshuku, Shimizu, Sunto District, Shizuoka
【maeBe Lab】
410-8510 Chiiki Sousei Techno Center Bildg. 3F – 301 3600 Ooka, Numazu City, Shizuoka
TEL 【Main office】 +81 55-941-5821
4.5 million yen
Founded July 14, 2006
representative Representative Director Masaaki Maebashi
Director Masaaki Maebashi, Toshihiko Osada, Aiko Maebashi
Audit & Supervisory Member (outside) Yujiro Tsuchiya
Major shareholders Masaaki Maebashi
Hands Co., Ltd.
Aiko Maebashi
Business ■iPad application development
■iPhone application development
■Android application development
■Web system / Software / CMS development
June 2006 Founded. Built features (garakei) sites and web systems
December 2008 Capital tie-up with Hands Co., Ltd.
2010 Started iPad, iPhone and Android development
March 2011
Moved to Sengen-cho, Numazu City, Shizuoka because of expand business.
May 2014 Change company type to committee governance structure
January 2015 Moved to Shimizu Town, Shinto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture because of expand business.
June 2021 Opened a research center in the Numazu National College of Technology


+81 55-941-5821
Reception hours: 9:00~18:00(Japan Time)